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Comments From Previous MBSR Class Participants…  

Have you noticed any changes in how you handle stress since you started this series? 

·        Oh yeah! I can say I do not stress about most of the things in my daily living anymore.  For example,…  The way I see things now or the way I control stress now is amazing thanks to this class.   


·        Yes, I have especially when I’m in crowds with lots of people and in traffic that is stop and go. I’m able to be more calm at these times instead of anxious. 


·        Absolutely. Now I immediately turn to my breathing when things are stressful – it focuses me, I settle down and can even relax.  


·        Yes, more concentration on breathing to alleviate stressful thoughts.  


Have you noticed any other changes since you started this series? 

·        Yes, my back is less painful. I notice that I am calmer when it comes to unexpected changes.   


·        That I’m more calm during stressful times, especially at work – just breath I tell myself and be in the moment. It really helps me.  


·        This has given me the opportunity to begin the process of opening the door to my inner fullness. The meditations have given me a remembrance of a more “connected” time.  


·        I’ve usually been “Type A” and I think I’m learning the value in being present much more and therefore pursuing that rather than my busy old style.  

·        A more relaxed overall feeling. Serenity is a word that comes to mind.  


           100% of participants said they’d recommend this series to a friend. 

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