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Avoid the 'Senior Sickness Snowball Effect' with a strong immune system

(ARA) - An emerging health trend where a relatively simple illness leads to a number of physical and lifestyle changes is impacting seniors around the country, say immune system researchers from Embria Health Sciences, co-founders of the Nourish America Senior Health Project. They've dubbed this trend the Senior Sickness Snowball Effect, which impacts the overall quality of a person's daily life and follows this recurring cycle:

healthy seniors

* Loss of appetite
* Inadequate nutrition
* Decreased energy
* Reduction in social activities
* Decreased independence
* Limited social interaction
* Increased potential for depression, stress
* Weakened immune system
* Continued illness
* Loss of appetite

"Today's older Americans are active and often have major responsibilities that require them to be in good health," explains Stuart Reeves, Ph.D., director of research and development for Embria Health Sciences. "Unfortunately, as a person ages, their immune system becomes weaker and there is greater need for support, not just during cold weather seasons, but also throughout the year."

Embria Health Sciences established this Senior Health Project, alongside non-profit organizations Nourish America and the National Foundation of Women Legislators, to address the increased need for senior health support. This series of free community education events provides seniors with the knowledge and tools they need to maintain and manage their own health through a combination of non-profit health organization outreach activities and no-cost distribution of EpiCor, an all-natural immune health supplement, clinically shown to reduce cold and flu symptom incidence and duration.

In addition to his participation in the Nourish America Senior Health Project, Dr. Reeves offers these easy lifestyle tips that will keep seniors' immune systems going strong:

Get your grain: According to a 2008 report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, it is estimated that a mere 18 percent of Americans 60 and older meet the dietary recommendations for daily grain intake. "Well-nourished people have fewer illnesses," says Dr. Reeves. Seniors can easily add more whole grains into their diets through a wide variety of easy-to-prepare everyday foods, including brown rice, oatmeal and popcorn.

Adopt a pet: "Seniors living alone sometimes experience a sense of isolation, which is one of the main components of the Senior Sickness Snowball Effect," explains Dr. Reeves. Studies show that when seniors establish an owner-pet relationship, their feelings of loneliness dissolve and the pet-related activities such as walking, feeding, grooming and playing improve their overall well-being.

Fill in the gaps: "Since seniors are at a higher risk of falling ill, getting the right amount of daily vitamins and nutrients is essential to their well-being, which is why taking a multi-vitamin supplement is often recommended," Dr. Reeves explains. "Some seniors would also benefit from taking a supplement specifically designed for their immune system." Dr. Reeves points out that, "EpiCor, an all-natural immune health ingredient found in a wide variety of dietary supplement products, works year-round to balance the body's immune system for optimal health." Visit www.EpicorImmune.com for more information.

Hit the mall: The mall is great place to kill three birds with one stone. You can run a shopping errand, participate in social dialogue, and get some exercise by walking a couple of laps around the perimeter. "Staying active, both physically and socially, is a key element to a healthy lifestyle," says Dr. Reeves.

"By maintaining good immune health now, seniors may avoid experiencing the Senior Sickness Snowball Effect firsthand," says Dr. Reeves. "The immune system is an important part of the body's immune defense against germs and pathogens - keep it in check and the rest will follow."

To learn more about immune health, visit www.BalancedImmuneHealth.com.

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